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7 Disc Not So Mystery Box - 50% Off!

7 Disc Not So Mystery Box - 50% Off!

Introducing the "Not So Mystery" Box: where the only surprise is how much you'll save!

Wave goodbye to the gamble of traditional disc golf mystery boxes and hello to hand-picking your destiny. Choose from at least 7 of these select discs for the biggest savings of an additional 50% off our already lowest on the internet prices.

Our "Not So Mystery" Box is like being a kid in a candy store, but for disc golf. You get the thrill of choosing your own putter, midrange, understable, and overstable driver from a smorgasbord of brands. Think of it as your personal buffet of disc golf delight, offering the freedom to tailor your bag how you like it, all while snagging an unbeatable deal. With an additional 50% off our already rock-bottom prices, it's practically a steal - minus the guilt. So, why roll the dice on your disc golf future when you can draft your dream team? The "Not So Mystery" Box: because the best surprises aren't surprises at all.

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