Course Quality Portable Baskets

If you're in pursuit of the pinnacle in disc golf baskets, consider investing in a full course-quality portable mount basket. These elite models are constructed with the same robust chains, bands, and poles found on permanent disc golf courses, featuring deep trays that will hold lots of putters. The chain configuration of course quality baskets is designed to withstand the impact of fast-spin putts that most portable baskets cannot handle.

The primary distinction from standard course baskets is the portable base; rather than anchoring into the ground, these high-caliber baskets come with a rounded stability base, often equipped with a wheel for convenient relocation.

While course baskets feature a premium price and shipping cost due to their substantial weight (50-60 pounds), they represent the epitome of disc golf practice equipment. They are especially suitable for players keen on practicing with the exact basket type used in tournaments. Built to endure the elements—be it rain, wind, or snow—these baskets are an excellent long-term addition to your backyard. Despite their sturdy build, they retain a degree of portability; the band, chains, pole, and tray can be disassembled for easier transport. This feature makes course-quality portable baskets highly versatile, perfect for PDGA sanctioned events or introducing additional holes or pin positions on existing courses.

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