Gateway Discs stands out as one of the best disc golf manufacturers for putters, particularly with their Wizard putter—a prime pick known for its superb control and reliable performance. Players swear by the Wizard for its unbeatable grip and steady flight, whether they're just starting out or throwing in pro-level competition. Gateway pours heart and soul into making discs that truly elevate your game, whether you're just tossing for fun or battling it out in a high-stakes tourney. Gateway delivers across the board, from the dependable Wizard putters to dynamic drivers for long-range shots and mid-ranges that masterfully handle those nuanced approaches.

We've got the lowest prices on Gateway's top-notch discs, like the beloved Wizard, at prices that won't break the bank, so every player can step up their game without stepping down in quality. We're all about hooking you up with the elite gear, like Gateway's Wizard disc, at prices that keep your wallet happy. Aiming to sharpen your short game with the Wizard, or maybe you're eyeing Gateway's varied selection—our inventory hits that sweet spot of top-notch quality at a price that won't break the bank.

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