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Great price (purchased on sale). Not bad discs.

As an older, slower arm player I thought I'd give these a try. I really like the Helios as it flies pretty straight to slightly understable for me. The griffon is a touch more beefy than I hoped but I've had some good tosses with it. The putter is a putter. I'm using right now for the longer puts and it seems to be ok.

Jennifer Yacovelli
Great for a beginner

I've just started playing disc golf and was struggling while borrowing a friend's discs. I got this kit and was very impressed with quality and how far I could get them to fly as a beginner.

Definitely recommend!

Paul A
Pleasant Surprise

My son got me interested in disc golf. He's a relative beginner having played a few times with friends using borrowed discs. I'm an absolute beginner, never played DG before. We ordered 3 different beginner sets to try different discs, Innova, Discmania & X-Com. We both liked the X-Com set the best. The Bennu putter was the best putter by a small margin over the Innova Aviar, I think because it was the heaviest weight & dead straight on putts inside 30 ft. The Griffon mid range was my favorite because it was more understable. The other 2 sets had mid range discs that were overstable. As you become more advanced you may need discs for different shape shots, but for real beginners the Griffon wins. The Helios was a bit longer than the Leopard.


X-Com 3 Disc Premium Starter Set

Bobby R Jackson
Is a gift

I purchased a 4 disc set with tote as a gift. Not much I can say about the product but the order went thru smooth and delivery was fast. I am sure the person receiving the gift will enjoy them.