Disc Golf Plastic Types Explained

Disc Golf Plastics

One of the most engaging aspects of disc golf is the opportunity to explore various plastic types to discover your favorites. Player preferences vary; some favor softer blends, while others opt for stiffer ones. Likewise, choices range from hard to soft plastics.

Most disc golf plastics are derived from either TPU or TPE bases, with specific additives introduced to create unique effects. TPE blends are generally used for putters and low cost base plastics. TPU variations are more expensive but also more durable and better for high speed discs that will experience lots of wear and tear. These plastics vary in softness or firmness, and disc manufacturers experiment with diverse blends to craft plastics that resonate with consumers.

In this guide, we'll delve into the different disc golf plastics offered by the manufacturers featured at Discount Disc Golf. Join us as we explore the materials that could enhance your game.



ABC's premium Platinum plastic blend is typically opaque, resembling Innova Star or Discraft ESP, and comes in a wide range of colors, occasionally featuring partial translucency.

Alfa Discs


Alfa Discs' opaque plastic blend, Chrome, shares similarities with their Crystal plastic but consistently comes in solid colors. It boasts high durability, excellent grip, and a well-balanced level of flexibility.


The Cosmic stands as a reliable fairway driver, showcasing elevated glide and delivering a consistently pleasing flight. This mold is an excellent choice for your primary disc, demonstrating versatility in holding various lines, whether it be hyzer or anhyzer. Its capabilities make it a highly versatile mold for shot shaping and achieving controlled distance.


The Crystal plastic is a premium material known for its excellent grip. Engineered for durability, it can withstand the rigors of disc golf courses while ensuring a comfortable hold in various conditions.

Clash Discs


Softy plastic from Clash Discs is their midgrade putter plastic, featuring a soft blend for added flexibility. It offers more suppleness than Hardy plastic and boasts superb grip. With a comfortable feel in the hand, Softy plastic ensures excellent grip in all putting conditions!


The Steady plastic is a high-quality opaque material. This composite is pliable, has a good grip, and offers durability, resulting in a disc that ensures comfort and grip in various situations.


Crosslap Platinum

Crosslap's Platinum blend is a premium plastic renowned for its enduring performance, akin to other high-quality opaque blends such as Innova Star or Discraft ESP. Combining longevity with pleasant flexibility, it offers a comfortable feel suitable for both drivers and putters.

Dino Discs

Egg Shell

Egg Shell plastic is a pleasantly grippy yet semi-firm blend with playful decorative effects like splatters, swirls, and sparkles. This adds a bright and whimsical touch to the Dino Disc models, making them ideal for players who appreciate lightweight, floating discs.



Discraft's ESP is a sophisticated polymer plastic that strikes a perfect balance, offering more durability than Elite-X and better grip compared to Z Line plastic. This blend not only delivers an ideal mix of longevity and grip but also frequently features appealing swirls of color.


Pro-D by Discraft is an economical plastic blend that offers value for money. While it may not boast the highest durability, it provides an excellent grip at a budget-friendly price. Ideal for traditional disc golfers who prefer to season their discs to achieve different flight trajectories, Pro-D stands out as a top choice. Additionally, it's a favored blend for putters, commonly known as the "putter line" plastic.

Z Glo

Z Glo plastic, crafted by Discraft, is a premium plastic variety designed to glow in the dark. This durable blend may exhibit slightly more stability than the conventional Z plastic.

Z Line

Discraft's Z-Line stands out as their most resilient plastic blend. It's a firm, translucent material offered in a range of vibrant colors. Discraft asserts that, under normal conditions, this plastic is the preferred choice of professionals due to its gradual seasoning process.

Divergent Discs

Graphic StayPut

StayPut, a silicone rubber blend, is employed to attain an outstanding grip and flexibility while maintaining durability and long-lasting performance. It excels at "Staying Put" more effectively than typical plastic blends, preventing undesired skips and slips on the course. The Graphic StayPut variant features a full-color image on the disc for added decorative appeal.


Divergent Discs Incognito Plastic offers a playful twist on MaxGrip, with colors shifting based on the lighting and viewing angle for an entertaining visual effect.

Max Grip

The Divigent Max Grip Plastic stands out as one of the most grippy disc golf plastic blends available. It merges a soft texture with outstanding grip, ensuring both comfort and high-performance capabilities. The level of grip is comparable to the well-known K1 plastic from Kastaplast, while maintaining durability similar to the original Discraft X plastic. Additionally, Max Grip plastic discs often feature a more pronounced dome compared to the same mold in other plastic versions.

Max Grip Glow

Divigent Max Grip Plastic seamlessly integrates the tactile experience and durability of Max Grip with outstanding grip, providing comfort and top-notch performance. Max Grip Glow introduces an additional glow-in-the-dark feature for night rounds and is released in limited quantities seasonally.


Divergent Discs' MaxFlex plastic represents a more pliable iteration of the well-received MaxGrip blend. Tailored to reduce ground play, it excels in cold and wet conditions, showcasing enhanced performance.

MaxGrip UV

Divergent Discs MaxGrip UV introduces an entertaining twist to the beloved MaxGrip blend. While maintaining the excellent grip characteristic of regular MaxGrip, this plastic comes with the added feature of changing colors when exposed to sunlight.


Max Life is a premium translucent plastic blend that offers a flexible disc capable of enduring damage, preserving its original flight characteristics for a more extended period compared to other non-premium plastics.


MaxValue is a budget-friendly basic plastic blend that delivers outstanding tackiness and a comfortable grip. While this blend may wear and break in more rapidly than other premium plastic blends, it offers an economical option for trying new discs or acquiring discs with excellent grip.


StayPut is a silicone rubber blend designed to achieve remarkable grip and flexibility while maintaining durability and long-lasting performance. It excels in "staying put" more effectively than typical plastic blends, minimizing unwanted skips and slips on the course.

Stayput UV

Divergent StayPut UV features a distinctive plastic blend. This ultra-soft silicone is crafted to absorb the ground similarly to regular StayPut plastic. The UV version adds an extra element by causing the disc to change color in sunlight. While indoors, StayPut UV looks like a standard white disc, the moment it is exposed to sunlight, it transforms into multiple brilliant colors.

Doomsday Discs


Doomsday Discs' Biohazard plastic is predominantly translucent and falls under the premium blend category, offering significant flexibility and a solid grip. It stands out as a gummier alternative compared to many premium discs available. Embracing a dirty, splotchy appearance akin to Toxic Waste, Biohazard undergoes a cataclysmic production process reminiscent of apocalyptic events.


Doomsday Discs' C-4 plastic is an exceptionally flexible, soft, and grippy material specifically engineered to absorb momentum upon impact with the ground, ensuring that it adheres to the landing spot. This characteristic makes it particularly valuable for utility discs, especially those super-overstable discs that finish vertically.


Clandestine plastic is a robust translucent blend featuring a sparkling shimmer. It may serve as a player's hidden solution for consistent throws and discs that stand the test of time.

Glow Isolation

Glow Isolation plastic, part of Doomsday Discs' Prepper Line, is a durable and semi-translucent material that exhibits a captivating glow in low light conditions. The white discs typically emit a blue glow, while the grey discs tend to glow in a striking green hue when the world goes dark.


Isolation plastic, part of Doomsday Discs' Prepper Line, is a resilient and translucent material designed to endure the apocalypse, withstanding any amount of rubble impact.

Landfill X-Out

Landfill plastic by Doomsday Discs is a recycled blend crafted from the shredded remnants of other premium discs. This results in a semi-firm, semi-flexible disc adorned with imperfect colorations and slight flaws. While similar items might be labeled as X-Outs or Factory 2nds, these discs are genuinely recycled, created from X-Outs. Priced more affordably, they offer a budget-friendly option for throwing. While recycling may not save the world from ultimate destruction, it can certainly enhance our stay on the planet while we're still here.

Radioactive Waste

Radioactive Waste is a premium plastic blend with glow-in-the-dark properties, courtesy of Doomsday Discs. Not only does it exhibit an impressive glow, but it also provides a pleasing feel. However, exercising caution and limiting exposure to this radioactive blend is advisable, unless you're willing to take the chance of unexpectedly gaining superpowers.


Ration plastic, part of Doomsday Discs' Prepper Line, constitutes a base-line blend comparable to other cost-effective base plastics such as DX or Retro available in the market. It proves to be an excellent option for putters or for players seeking softer blends in their mids and drivers, aiming for distinct flight characteristics compared to premium blends.


Survival plastic, featured in the Prepper Line of discs by Doomsday Discs, is a high-quality blend characterized by excellent grip and a glossy finish. Designed to endure the impending apocalypse, it offers durability and performance.

Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste plastic is a featured blend in the Catastrophic Line offered by Doomsday Discs. This resilient plastic combines flexibility and grip, showcasing a range from semi-transparency to complete opacity. Its distinctive feature lies in toxic splotches of black and various other colors integrated into the blend.

Finish Line


Forged represents Finish Line's Champion-Grade Disc Golf Plastic. Combining various premium polymers, Finish Line's Forged Plastic is crafted to achieve next-level durability, consistency

Infinite Discs


C-Blend plastic is a clear and exceptionally durable material that delivers exceptional performance and extended lifespan. Unlike many softer plastics, C-Blend retains its flight characteristics for a prolonged period and is comparable to Innova Champion plastic.

C-Blend Glow

This variant features Glow C-Blend plastic, equivalent to Innova's Champion plastic. It's a semi-transparent and durable material known for exceptional performance and longevity. Glow C-Blend discs can come in colored or traditional white glow options, and they often exhibit a slightly more gummy feel compared to standard C-Blend plastic. The main feature of C-Blend glow is that it glows in the dark

C-Blend X-Out

C-Blend X-Out plastic represents the misprinted or factory second iteration of C-Blend plastic. Retaining its flight characteristics for an extended period, C-Blend is akin to Innova Champion plastic, providing durability and consistent performance.

Classic Blend

The Classic blend is softer than Classic but firmer than Classic Soft. It's an ideal choice for players who appreciate discs with a soft feel without being overly squishy.


D-Blend plastic is a fundamental and cost-effective plastic blend, comparable to Innova DX plastic. Exhibiting good grip and medium softness, it tends to break in more readily than premium plastics. Despite this, many players favor it for putters and mid-range discs where a reliable grip is crucial.

D-Blend Glow

D-Blend Glow is the glow-in-the-dark iteration of Infinite's fundamental, affordable, and grippy plastic blend.


G-Blend is a premium and enduring plastic blend, similar to Innova GStar plastic. It showcases a distinctive metallic shine that not only enhances its appearance but also provides exceptional grip and flexibility. This plastic blend is particularly recommended for disc golf in cold weather conditions.

G-Blend X-Out

G-Blend is a high-quality and durable plastic blend, akin to Innova GStar plastic. Featuring a distinctive metallic shine, it not only adds aesthetic appeal but also boasts exceptional grip and flexibility. This plastic blend is particularly well-suited for disc golf in cold weather. This specific edition is the X-Out (factory 2nd), offering a cost-saving option for those who don't mind minor cosmetic flaws.

Gummy C-Blend

Gummy C-Blend plastic is a clear and exceptionally durable material known for outstanding performance and longevity. This more flexible blend offers enhanced grip, making it ideal for playing in cold weather. It is particularly favored by players who appreciate a bit more "give" in the plastic when gripping the disc.

Halo S-Blend

Halo S-Blend stands out as a collectible and decorative iteration of S-Blend, featuring a distinct color in the rim compared to the flight plate. This durable and high-quality plastic is favored by both professional players and collectors.

Halo S-Blend X-Out

Halo S-Blend X-Out represents the factory second edition of the well-received Halo S-Blend, known for its captivating and decorative qualities within the popular S-Blend plastic. Featuring a unique color contrast between the rim and flight plate, these discs boast a striking appearance. Crafted from durable and high-quality plastic, Halo S-Blend discs are sought after by both professional players and collectors, providing a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Opt for cost savings by choosing the X-Out variations of Halo S-Blend plastic.

Luster C-Blend

Luster C-Blend maintains the same durability and composition as C-Blend Plastic, akin to Innova Champion, but with the added feature of a shimmer. This not only enhances the plastic's durability and longevity but also introduces an extra glimmer for enhanced cosmetic appeal. Some players perceive that Luster provides a slight increase in disc stability, being firmer than the traditional C-Blend.

Luster C-Blend X-Out

This is the X-Out variant of Luster C-Blend. Luster C-Blend shares the same durability and composition as C-Blend Plastic, comparable to Innova Champion, but with the distinctive addition of a shimmer. This quality not only enhances the plastic's durability and longevity but also introduces an extra glimmer for heightened cosmetic appeal. Some players believe that Luster provides a slight increase in disc stability, being firmer than the traditional C-Blend.

Metal Flake C-blend

Metal Flake C-Blend maintains the same durability and composition as C-Blend Plastic, akin to Innova Champion, but it incorporates sparkle flakes within the plastic. This not only enhances the plastic's durability and longevity but also introduces extra cosmetic appeal with a sparkling effect. Some players believe that Metal Flake provides a slight increase in disc stability. This particular variant is the misprinted or factory second of the standard Metal Flake C-Blend.


Infinite S-Blend mirrors the qualities of Innova Star plastic. This premium blend offers outstanding grip, a smooth release, and exceptional durability.

Splatter S-Blend X-Out

Infinite Splatter S-Blend plastic is a variation of S-Blend plastic featuring additional color bursts for decorative flair. The X-Out version might exhibit coloring issues, specs of foreign materials within the disc, or other cosmetic flaws.

Infinite Discs

Swirly S-Blend

Infinite S-Blend is comparable to Innova Star plastic, offering a premium blend with excellent grip, a smooth release, and high durability. The Swirly S-Blend features decorative, multi-colored swirls, enhancing its visual appeal.



Innova Champion plastic is a high-tech, transparent, and ultra-durable material that ensures exceptional performance and longevity. Discs crafted from Champion Line plastic retain their flight characteristics for five times longer than DX discs.


DX is a budget-friendly, fundamental plastic known for its good grip, but it tends to wear more quickly compared to premium plastics.


Innova's Pro Line utilizes a distinct combination of plastics tailored to each disc model, offering unique characteristics. The various blends within the Pro Line plastic result in discs spanning a spectrum of rigidity, ranging from extremely soft to firm and stiff.


Star plastic stands out as the pinnacle among Innova's plastic blends, offering maximum grip and durability. Additionally, it boasts high visibility.

Latitude 64


Opto is crafted from some of the most resilient plastics globally and is available in a range of stunning translucent colors. The Opto Line plastic is specifically designed to endure harsh punishment and extreme conditions more effectively than other plastics.



Icon represents the highest-quality plastic blend within the Legacy line, providing optimal durability and exceptional grip, even in wet conditions. This plastic is on par with Innova Star plastic.

Lone Star

Alpha (Lonestar)

Alpha plastic is a premium and high-quality blend, intentionally formulated to be slightly firmer than Bravo plastic, akin to Discraft's ESP.


Bravo plastic is a premium and high-quality blend recognized for its excellent grip and moderate flexibility. Manufactured in Texas, it finds its closest counterpart in Discraft's ESP FLX plastic. Regarded as one of the top-quality plastics in disc golf, Bravo stands out for its performance.

Delta 1

Lone Star Discs' Delta 1 plastic falls into the medium blend category, bridging the gap between Alpha and Victor plastics. With a firm texture, it provides just the right amount of grip, instilling confidence in disc golfers for precise throws from any position on the course. Whether teeing off or putting, the stiffness of Delta 1 plastic guarantees control and stability, facilitating accurate shots. This plastic caters to both beginners and experienced players seeking a dependable and consistent material.

Lone Star Glow

Lone Star's Glow plastic shares a similar feel with their Bravo plastic, featuring a yellow-green color and the ability to glow in the dark. It possesses a soft flexibility and provides excellent grip.


Victor plastic is a grippy, tacky, and flexible blend, designed with a focus on putting. This high-quality plastic serves as the softer option in the Victor plastic series (with Victor 2 being more firm). Although produced in Texas, it shares similarities with MVP's Electron plastic. Notably, Victor plastic has the unique feature of floating in water!


Electron Firm

Electron is the foundational plastic for Axiom, and within the Electron blends, the Electron Firm variant stands out as the most durable and less flexible. It is primarily crafted for putters.

Electron Medium

Electron Medium in the Cosmic variation is an enhanced version of the standard Electron Medium plastic. The Cosmic variant employs innovative multi-core injection technology to generate multi-color cores within the Electron Plastic.

Electron Soft

Electron Soft represents MVP's mid-grade plastic, featuring increased flexibility and surface grip. Although it may not be the most durable option, it is favored for putters by those who appreciate excellent grip and flexibility.



BaseGrip, a high-quality base-level plastic within Prodigy's Ace Line, offers an excellent tactile experience. Despite being classified as base plastic, it boasts greater durability compared to baseline plastics from many other brands.


DuraFlex plastic is a recent addition to Prodigy's Ace Line, offering a premium feel and grip. Known for its durability, this plastic excels in performance across all weather conditions.

DuraFlex Glow

DuraFlex Glow plastic shares the same characteristics as regular DuraFlex plastic, with the added feature of glowing in the dark. For optimal luminosity during night rounds, it is recommended to charge it with a UV flashlight.



Prodiscus Basic constitutes a soft plastic blend renowned for its outstanding grip.

Prodiscus Premium

Prodiscus Premium is a highly durable plastic blend featuring a gummy feel that enhances grip.


Ultrium stands as Prodiscus' ultra-premium blend, offering a distinctive plastic with an incredible feel and remarkable durability. Comparable to Prodigy 400G, Ultrium plastic has been likened to possessing the tackiness of GStar and the flexibility of Innova Star plastic.

RPM Discs


Atomic is a resilient and grippy opaque plastic available in various stiffness levels, featuring a range of colors and effects.


Magma is a plastic blend by RPM Discs characterized by enduring premium durability, coupled with a softer, rubbery feel that provides excellent grip.

RPM Glow

RPM Glow plastic shares similarities with Cosmic/Atomic but features a straightforward glow color. Offering exceptional grip, it tends to be slightly softer compared to RPM's typical plastics.

Storm Disc Golf

Category 1 Firm

Storm Discs' Category 1 plastic stands as a firm iteration of Gateway Suregrip plastic. Renowned for its excellent grip, this blend instills putting confidence in all weather conditions.

Sune Sport


S-Plastic is a cost-effective lightweight base plastic blend, comparable to Innova DX. It is commonly available in a Light Edition, featuring lower weights, typically in the range of 150-165 grams.

Thought Space Athletics


Aura plastic, crafted by Thought Space Athletics, presents an opaque appearance coupled with exceptional durability and good grip, making it the preferred choice for most drivers and throwers.


Ethereal Plastic stands out as a premium blend that seamlessly blends performance with a captivating metallic sheen. Boasting a good grip, it is both durable and visually stunning.


Ethos plastic presents a vibrant, translucent appearance, featuring a durable and long-lasting plastic blend.

Nebula Ethereal

Nebula Ethereal plastic is a premium blend that harmoniously blends performance with a captivating metallic sheen. The addition of the Nebula effect introduces decorative swirls and bursty patterns, creating a unique aesthetic. With a good grip, this plastic is as durable as it is beautiful.


Nerve plastic, a midgrade putter blend from Thought Space Athletics, surpasses the durability of numerous base plastics while offering excellent grip. Putters crafted from Nerve plastic deliver a comfortable feel and high-performance experience.

Uplay Disc golf

Inspire Firm

Inspire Firm plastic represents a stiffer and firmer iteration of the Inspire putter blend. While sacrificing a bit of grip for increased hardness, it becomes a preferred choice for players who appreciate firm discs for both putting and throwing.

Viking Discs


Armor plastic, crafted by Viking Discs, stands as a durable yet remarkably comfortable opaque plastic blend, closely resembling Innova's Star or Latitude 64's Gold Line. Recognized as a top-notch plastic blend, it excels, particularly for drivers, capable of enduring significant impact while maintaining peak performance.

Ground Plastic

Viking Ground plastic is specifically engineered to provide outstanding grip in various weather conditions, including hot, cold, and rainy settings. Distinguished by its flexibility and stickiness compared to other Viking plastic blends, discs in ground plastic exhibit enhanced glide and tend to break in swiftly, resulting in a straighter flight pattern over time.


Viking Storm plastic is a highly durable blend, ensuring consistent disc flight over an extended period, even with frequent play on heavily wooded courses. Sporting a clear transparent appearance with a sparkling shine, this plastic grade aligns with the characteristics of Innova Champion or Latitude 64 Opto.

Viking Air

Viking Air plastic represents a lightweight adaptation of Storm plastic, incorporating added air (small bubbles) in the disc rim to reduce weight without compromising its intended flight characteristics. This highly durable blend ensures consistent disc flight over an extended period, even with frequent play on heavily wooded courses. The plastic exhibits a clear transparent appearance with a sparkling shine.


Warpaint, an artistic full-color variation of Armor plastic by Viking Discs, embodies a durable yet remarkably comfortable opaque plastic blend akin to Innova's Star or Latitude 64's Gold Line. Recognized as a top-notch plastic blend, particularly suitable for resilient drivers, Warpaint is known for its ability to withstand significant impact while maintaining peak performance. The discs showcase full-color artwork with exciting new designs.

Wild Discs


Lava plastic is a premium, enduring material that offers a great feel and maintains excellent performance even when thrown at high speeds.

Wing It Disc Golf


Lift represents the premium plastic blend from Wing It Disc Golf, featuring a delightful mix of opaque and semi-translucent elements, often adorned with beautiful swirls and color variations. Boasting an excellent balance of durability and flexibility, coupled with a pleasant grip, it is particularly well-suited for drivers.


XCom Basic

XCom Basic plastic stands as a soft and budget-friendly option, offering a pleasant grip with moderate durability. This plastic is among the least expensive in all of disc golf.


Dragon Line

Yikun Dragon Line plastic is a premium blend with solid grip and good durability. 


The Yikun Glaze Line stands out as an ultra-premium disc golf plastic blend, boasting exceptional grip and captivating unique color blends. Engineered for superior performance, these discs deliver a tactile feel, ensuring a confident grip for every throw. Featuring mesmerizing patterns and swirls, the Glaze Line not only adds style to your game but also provides consistent flight paths and durability. Elevate your disc golf experience and make a statement on the course with the Yikun Glaze Line.

Nature Line

The Nature Line plastic by Yikun Discs represents a premium blend designed for players who seek a harmonious connection with their natural surroundings during play. Infused with a generous amount of sawdust, this plastic blend offers a pleasant grip and a smooth texture, adorned with flakes and speckles for a truly organic and earthy appearance.

Phoenix Line

The Phoenix Line features a hard and durable blend crafted from stunning translucent plastic. This plastic closely resembles the characteristics of Innova Champion or Discmania Active Premium.

Phoenix Star

The Phoenix Line plastic boasts enduring longevity and a captivating translucent appearance. The Phoenix Star blend introduces extra sparkles to enhance its appeal and frequently exhibits a notably gummier feel with excellent grip.


Yikun Soflex plastic stands out as an ultra-soft and grippy plastic blend, ideally suited for putters and approach discs. The pliable nature of this plastic minimizes skips and assists in keeping your throws close to the target.


Yikun Swift plastic is a midgrade blend with excellent grip, and it possesses the unique quality of floating in water! Discs crafted from the Swift blend are usually offered in lighter weights, making them ideal for beginners.

Tiger Line

The Tiger Line plastic blend offers excellent grip and stands out as one of the most cost-effective options available. This plastic blend closely resembles the material used in Discmania Active Line discs.

Tortoise Line

The Tortoise Line plastic represents a durable and high-quality blend employed in crafting Yikun's SHELL overmold discs. Known for its longevity and smooth feel, this plastic contributes to a flight path characterized by a sturdy trajectory, featuring a rim with a soft, grippy, and durable outer edge in each shell overmold disc.