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Create Your Own Legacy Discs Bundle - 25% Off

Legacy Discs Bundle - 25% Off

Step into the legacy of savings with the Legacy Discs Bulk Savings Set, where history is made one throw at a time. Forge your own path by selecting any four Legacy discs from our stocked arsenal, and unlock a deal that's as legendary as the discs themselves. With this exclusive bundle, you're not just getting a piece of disc golf heritage; you're getting it at a 10% discount off our already competitive prices. Whether it's the relentless drive of a Patriot or the unwavering reliability of a Clutch putter, your game will be built on a foundation of quality and tradition. The Legacy Bulk Savings Set invites you to carry forward the torch of excellence, allowing you to tailor your bag with the best, while honoring your wallet's legacy too. Embrace the spirit of Legacy Discs, where every selection is a step towards greatness.

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