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Create Your Own RPM Discs Set - 10% Off

RPM Bulk Savings Set - 10% Off

Sail into savings with the RPM Bulk Savings Set, where the shores of discount meet the sea of selection. Dive into the RPM Discs universe by picking at least four different discs, and watch as your cart transforms into a treasure chest with a 10% discount off our already competitive prices. Whether you're curating a collection with the precision of a Kahu navigator or seeking the stability of a Tui putter, this set is your passport to premium performance at a price that's as gentle as a New Zealand breeze. The RPM Bulk Savings Set is your opportunity to harness the spirit of Aotearoa in your disc golf game, making your bag as diverse and dynamic as the landscapes that inspire RPM's designs. Grab this deal and let your disc golf journey take flight with savings that soar.

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