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Hard to get used to, this turns into a utility disc if you are good enough to throw any disc past 200 yards. If you can’t, then this is a beginner disc.

Shea Murry
Divergent Discs

I took advantage of you BOGO sale on Divergent Discs. All the discs are in the MaxLife plastic. I am really impressed. I’ve only played a couple of rounds with the new discs in the bag but they throw great and I can tell they will be really durable.

Really Easy to Throw!

The Leviathan is such a fun disc to throw! If you don't have a super strong arm, or are just new to disc golf, you really can't go wrong with this disc. It's super floaty and doesn't fight when it's thrown. It's pretty understable, but if you have a stronger arm it will hyzerflip to flat really nicely. I would really recommend the Leviathan to any player, either as a straight midrange or good utility disc.

Best Midrange for Beginners!

This is my number one recommended midrange disc for beginners. The Leviathan is so good. It is one of the few disc golf discs that will actually finish without much fade for low arm speed players. In addition to the great flight of this disc, the plastic feel of Divergent Discs Prototype is amazing. It is supre grippy like Kastaplast plastic which makes it easier to get good snap and spin.

I'm not a beginner at disc golf but I still love this disc. I play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee and so am used to throwing very understable discs. I use the Leviathan for shots that need to turn right on my backhand throws, and for moderate power hyzer flips when I need a disc that will just go straight for up to about 250 feet.