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With so many different types of disc golf discs, how is one supposed to know which discs are best for beginners? If you are buying your first few discs what should you buy?

When buying your first golf discs you not only want discs that are inexpensive, but you want discs that will offer you the best value and that will work well for you.

Best Cheap Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

The reality is that new players, women and children do not throw the same way that professional disc golfers do. Beginners need different discs and disc golf sets to achieve maximum distance and satisfaction.  More than anything, we want to see disc golf grow. We want to see more people learn to love the sport that has changed our lives. This category includes only discs that are excellent for new players.

This page only includes discs that are highly recommended and GREAT cheap discs for Beginners. If you're looking to spend less than $10 for a disc, click this link to start your search.

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