Doomsday Discs Midrange

Check out Doomsday Discs Midranges – they're truly some of the most unique on the market. These mids by Doomsday Discs will provide a unique feel and flight experience giving you something your friends will take notice of when on the course.  Check them out today!

1. Despair: Embodies controlled agony, navigating challenging terrains with a sense of distress for strategic precision.

2. Wasteland: Mirrors the desolation of barren landscapes, dominating vast distances on the disc golf course for control in open spaces.

3. Scavenger: Navigates the course with resourcefulness and agility, offering versatility to adapt and conquer various challenges.

4. Frag: An explosive midrange disc, delivering a burst of controlled energy for an advantage in overcoming obstacles with strategic precision.

5. Flat Earth: Challenges norms with its flat-top design, offering a unique flight experience and controlled stability for navigating diverse course elements.

6. Desolation: Encapsulates a sense of emptiness and solitude, becoming the player's ally in overcoming challenges with a controlled and calculated approach.

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