Dynamic Discs Putters

Step up your disc golf game with Discount Disc Golf's exclusive collection of Dynamic Discs Putters. Unlock top-notch performance without breaking the bank; our most affordable disc golf putters cater to both rookies and pros alike.

1. EMac Judge: Eric McCabe's variant of the beloved Judge offers the same straight, stable flight path but with a unique microbead for a distinct in-hand feel.

2. Deputy: A shallow-rimmed, understable putter with a straight flight that Paige Pierce trusts for her close putts.

3. Guard: Offers exceptional glide and a straight flight with a deeper profile, perfect for long putts and handling torque off the tee.

4. Warden: Meet the Warden, a beadless answer to the Judge, offering a straight flight with minimal fade and an ultra-comfy feel in both classic and classic soft plastic.

5. Judge:  A best-selling putter with a large bead and ultra-straight flight, is your stable go-to for putts and approach shots.

Elevate your disc golf experience with Dynamic Discs Putters, available at Discount Disc Golf – where quality meets affordability for every putt on the course. Secure your EMac Judge, Deputy, Guard, Warden or Judge putter today and make each stroke a winning one!

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