Dynamic Discs Fairway Drivers

Dynamic Discs is one of the leading brands in disc golf. Committed to simplicity and user-friendly design, Dynamic Discs strives to produce fairway drivers that are easy to learn, understand, and offer a comfortable feel in the hand.

1. Getaway: Upgrade from the Escape to the Getaway for a reliably overstable flight with Escape-like feel and glide, perfect for straighter flights with a subtle fade.

2. Breakout: An understable fairway driver that blends distance and accuracy, ideal for controlled flights and reliable anhyzers.

3. Escape: A versatile driver for precise fairway shots and powerful drives, perfect for intermediate to advanced players.

4. Felon: The ultimate overstable fairway driver, engineered for precision in challenging winds and powerful throws.

5. Maverick: A must-have for all skill levels, featuring a controllable fairway speed, straight flights, and reliable anhyzers, perfect for wooded and tunnel shots.

6. Vandal: Dynamic Discs' versatile disc for precise distance and accuracy, with exceptional glide and stability for all skill levels.

Dynamic Discs leads disc golf with user-friendly designs, like the Getaway for stable flights, Breakout for controlled anhyzers, Escape for versatile drives, Felon for wind precision, and Maverick for wooded courses.

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