Latitude 64 Discs Putters

Step up your disc golf game with Discount Disc Golf's exclusive collection of Latitude 64 Discs Putters. Many disc golfers feel that Latitude 64 produces the most superior plastic blends available.

1. Keystone: Offering easy control with a comfortable grip for smooth, reliable performance on the course.

2. Mercy: Low-speed putter with a deep rim for comfortable grip, providing stable and consistent flights for precision in putting, approaches, and short drives.

3. Dagger: A deep, beaded putter with enhanced control and precise flight for confident short-range game performance.

4. Faith: Beadless putter in Royal Sense plastic, offering reliable straight to overstable flights for precise putts and confident drives.

5. Hope: Versatile beadless putter with a straight to slightly overstable flight, perfect for accurate tee shots and precise putting.

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