Lone Star Midrange

Check out the Lone Star Midranges collection at Discount Disc Golf for discs that work well for all disc golf players, from pros to beginners. These discs are made to be just right, giving you the balance of accuracy and strength you need on the course. No matter your skill level, these discs are crafted to meet your demands and enhance your disc golf game.

1. Harpoon: The Harpoon by Lone Star Disc disc is engineered for long, accurate throws with minimal effort. Its aerodynamic design and balanced weight distribution make it an ideal choice for both intermediate players looking to improve their distance game and seasoned professionals seeking reliable control during midrange shots.

2. BB6: The BB6 midrange disc combines a sleek profile with versatile flight characteristics. Whether you're navigating tight fairways or aiming for precision approaches, the BB6's dependable stability and predictable fade provide a consistent performance. Its user-friendly design makes it an excellent choice for players of all skill levels.

3. Walker: Named after the legendary Texas Ranger, the Walker midrange disc embodies reliability and strength. This disc's stability and dependable fade make it a go-to choice for players who value consistency in various course conditions. The Walker is crafted to handle both straight-line shots and controlled fades with ease.

4. Texas Ranger: Reflecting the spirit of the Lone Star State, the Texas Ranger midrange disc offers a perfect balance between power and finesse. Its unique flight pattern allows players to execute precise midrange shots with confidence. Whether you're shaping shots around obstacles or aiming for the basket from a distance, the Texas Ranger delivers versatility and control.

5. Middy: The Middy midrange disc is a versatile and user-friendly option, making it an excellent choice for players honing their midrange game. With a comfortable grip and a flight path that encourages both straight shots and controlled turnovers, the Middy is a reliable companion for players looking to elevate their overall disc golf performance.

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