Super Soft and Floppy Disc Golf Discs

Ultra Soft floppy disc golf discs stand out for their ability to absorb impact, which significantly reduces skipping and rolling away upon landing. Ideal for challenging terrains such as hilly or mountain courses, they are perfect for players who require a disc that grips the ground upon impact.

The softest disc golf putters are excellent for managing tricky shots where a softer landing is crucial. Their pliable nature ensures a gentle touch, making them an essential tool for uneven terrains and windy conditions. These discs are suitable for both seasoned players and beginners looking for a forgiving disc to enhance their approach game.

These discs offer unique benefits in minimizing skip and roll-away, and improving landing accuracy. Explore our selection of squishy discs to find the perfect disc that meets your needs for precision and control in your disc golf game.

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