Thought Space Athletics Putters

Welcome to the Discount Disc Golf's Thought Space Athletics Putters collection! Explore the unique qualities of our two exceptional putters – Temple and Muse.

1. Temple: The Temple putter is crafted for accuracy and control on the green. Its streamlined design and balanced weight distribution offer a comfortable grip, allowing for a smooth and precise putting stroke. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner honing your short game, the Temple provides the reliability needed to sink those crucial putts. Elevate your confidence and performance on the putting green with this thoughtfully designed disc.

2. Muse: The Muse putter by Thought Space Athletics combines finesse with reliability, making it an excellent choice for a variety of putting styles. With its versatile flight characteristics and dependable stability, the Muse excels in controlled putts and approach shots. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable feel in hand, allowing players to unleash their putting potential with confidence. Embrace the Muse and add a touch of precision to your short game.

Shop now and experience the excellence of Thought Space Athletics Putters, where Temple and Muse redefine what's possible on the putting green. Elevate your disc golf game with these well-made putters.

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