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Enrique Garcia
Bad flight numbers

Suuuuuuper flippy at a 0 turn??? Come on. I might’ve still bought it but would’ve preferred to have more accurate flight numbers.

Dylan Durrant
Dead Straight

Wow, I never thought I'd find a disc that flies as straight as the tomahawk. Like, pretty much all discs finish left to some degree, but most of the time this disc would hit the ground going straight. Now, that is at the exact arm speed I was throwing it at .. maybe 75% of my intermediate strength for dead straight shots. So, your mileage may vary- but I'm telling you, this is the disc for tunnel and woods shots.

Best Midrange for New Disc Golfers!

I absolutely love the Tomahawk because it is a disc that can actually fly dead straight for even new players. The Tomahawk does not fade at the end of the flight and has a flight more similar to an Ultimate Frisbee. If you throw this disc too hard it will turn off to the right, and so is not ideal for advanced players, but for beginners, or intermediate players looking for a disc that will stay straight on approach shots, you have to try the Tomahawk.