Clash Discs Midrange

Shop our selection of Clash Discs midranges at Discount Disc Golf today. These midrange discs are not just your ordinary discs; they are precision-engineered to redefine your game.

1. Peppermint: Feel the refreshing breeze of accuracy with the Peppermint midrange, designed for consistent control and ease of use on the course.

2. Peach: Experience the sweet success of pinpoint accuracy as you navigate the fairways with the Peach midrange, offering a delicate blend of control and distance.

3. Mango: Unleash the tropical power of the Mango midrange, delivering impressive distance coupled with reliable stability, perfect for players seeking an extra edge.

4. Berry: Savor the fruitful precision of the Berry midrange, crafted for controlled flights and strategic placement on the course.

At Discount Disc Golf, we proudly present these top-tier midranges from Clash Discs, ensuring you receive the best quality at the lowest prices. Enhance your game by exploring our complete collection today – your gateway to an enhanced disc golf experience!

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