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Step up your disc golf game with Discount Disc Golf's exclusive collection of Clash Discs putters. Unlock top-notch performance without breaking the bank; our most affordable disc golf putters cater to both rookies and pros alike.

1. Popcorn: Experience a controlled and smooth putting journey with the lightweight design of the Popcorn putter by Clash Discs, ensuring precision in every stroke.

2. Mint: Achieve refreshing precision with the Mint putter, offering a crisp feel and exceptional stability for consistent control on the greens.

3. Fudge: Indulge in sweet success with the Fudge putter – a perfect blend of durability and finesse for reliable and stylish putting.

4. Butter: Spread confidence on the greens with the Butter disc golf putter, known for its smooth release and consistent flight path, ensuring unwavering control and precision.

Elevate your disc golf experience with Clash Discs putters, available at Discount Disc Golf – where quality meets affordability for every putt on the course. Secure your Popcorn, Mint, Fudge, or Butter putter today and make each stroke a winning one!

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