Clash Discs Fairway Drivers

Established in 2021, Clash Discs, a recent entrant into the disc manufacturing scene, has introduced a variety of molds, including fairway drivers. Committed to simplicity and user-friendly design, Clash Discs strives to produce fairway drivers that are easy to learn, understand, and offer a comfortable feel in the hand.

These Clash Discs fairway drivers, crafted with the disc golfer's needs at heart, offer standout performance without hitting your wallet too hard.

1. SodaQuench your thirst for exceptional drives with the Soda fairway driver. Its aerodynamic profile ensures maximum distance, while the controlled fade guarantees accuracy. If you're looking to unleash some serious throw distance with pinpoint precision, Soda is your go-to disc.

2. Lotus: Blossom on the fairways with the Lotus fairway driver. The Lotus fairway driver's sleek build leads to a clean throw, giving you steady control and ensuring your disc soars as expected. With the Lotus in hand, you'll be nailing shots with killer precision, upping your game and confidence every step of the way.

3. Cookie: Indulge in the delectable performance of the Cookie fairway driver. Crafted for those who seek enduring performance and impressive distance, the Cookie delivers on both fronts with flair. Enjoy sweet success as you conquer the fairways with ease.

Tap into our Clash Discs selection, where drivers like Soda, Lotus, and Cookie are ready to enhance your fairway tactics. Unleash the power of Soda, Lotus, and Cookie to transform your play on the fairways. Dive into our selection and find top-notch gear that won't break the bank as you up your disc golf game. Become a disc golf pro today!

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