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Caleb Buhler
Stay put is not good on alpas

Flew kinda ok on hyzer. Definitely does not stay put. Rolls easily and quite firm.

Mitch Weimer
The Princess

Just love this disc. I have it in glow and it holds it’s glow quite well even a bit longer then my Innova Champion glow discs. This disc gets thrown day or night and has become my go to putter and is often used for shorter drives and approach shots up to 200’. I play mostly heavily treed courses and this discs doesn’t have a scratch. I’ve played almost a dozen snow rounds with it down to -10C and it held up! It’s amazing to hear it hit the trees and simply bounce off without barely a sound. I’m sure the trees appreciate it. As an approach disc it does exhibit the stay-put feature and doesn’t skip away like other discs. Once you get to the basket it really does seem to grip the chains nicely. My partners are talking about it quite a bit now and everyone wants to touch it. It’s become known as “the Princess” amongst my playing partners and even some of the course locals who I don’t normally play with have asked to see it.

Chad Stockton

Very good disc!! Does exactly what it’s supposed to. Has already saved me several strokes!!

Keith Barker
Excellent No Ground Play Disc

The Alpas is an excellent disc. It is made out of a rather floppy material, which makes it great for those situations where you don't want to risk ground play. There is enough stiffness to this disc that it is comfortable to grip. I don't feel awkward holding it as it still maintains its form. It has a pretty shallow rim, which can be a little weird when gripping the disc for an approach shot.

I find that this flight chart is pretty accurate for this disc. The Alpas is really easy to throw, if I put too much power behind the disc it quickly turns over and doesn't fly as well. This really works well as a touch shot disc, or for putting. It gets easy distance with not as much power. I think that this is a really good disc overall.