Innova Discs Distance Drivers

Innova Discs, hitting the scene with a bang, serves up top-notch distance drivers designed to fly far for every kind of throw. Dominate the course and score the lowest prices in the US on!

1. Mamba: This high-speed distance driver excels in tailwinds, turnovers, and rollers.

2. Wraith: A long, stable distance driver celebrated for its speed, glide, and accuracy, perfect for all skill levels and versatile in any wind condition for both forehand and backhand throws.

3. Shryke: Easy-to-throw distance driver with high glide and manageable fade, ideal for maximizing distance on the fairway.

4. Destroyer: Trusted by pros, it delivers remarkable glide and distance, ideal for forehand throws with unmatched speed and comfort.

5. Corvette:  Gliding smoothly for maximum distance, with reliable fade to finish strong.

6. Tern: Crafted for intermediate players with a wide rim and precise flight ratings in Champion plastic.

7. Boss: A pioneering speed-13 driver renowned for ultra-high speed and favored by top disc golfers, including record-holder David Wiggins Jr.

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