Innova Discs Fairway Drivers

Explore Innova's Fairway Drivers: From top-rated to beginner-friendly, discover our best-selling discs with detailed photos of each one you'll get.

1. Sidewinder: For unexpected turns and controlled escapes from tough spots, perfect for versatile shot shaping on the course.

2. Valkyrie: A world-renowned distance driver with stable flight, high speed turn, and fade, suitable for players of all skill levels. Available in various plastics for diverse shot options.

3. Teebird: Beloved for its straight flight and reliable fade, setting the standard for driving consistency in disc golf.

4. Eagle: Original high-speed fairway driver, favored by disc golfers at all skill levels for its slight overstable nature and dependable flight path with a predictable finishing fade.

5. Roadrunner: Featuring high speed turn (-4) and exceptional glide. Minimizes fade for straighter, longer flights.

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