Innova Discs Midrange

Shop our selection of Innova Discs Midranges at Discount Disc Golf today. These midrange discs are not just your ordinary discs; they are precision-engineered to redefine your game.

1. Rollo: Innova's beginner-friendly disc with high turn, plenty of glide, and unique understable flight for rolling and turnover shots through tight fairways.

2. Pig: An overstable putter with a thick Thumbtrack Rim, minimal glide, perfect for hyzer putts and headwinds, available in soft, grippy R-Pro plastic.

3. RocX3: The ultimate overstable midrange disc for power throwers, offering unmatched stability and control in windy conditions.

4 Mako3: Straight-flying midrange disc with minimal fade, perfect for controlled shots and available in durable Champion plastic.

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