RPM Fairway Drivers

Welcome to our RPM Fairway Drivers collection, where each disc is designed to enhance your fairway performance. Let's explore the unique features of our two standout drivers – Pekapeka and Huia.

1. Pekapeka: The Pekapeka fairway driver by RPM Discs is built for versatility and precision. Its aerodynamic design allows for controlled distance and accurate placement on the fairway. Whether you're navigating tight fairways or seeking a reliable option for approach shots, the Pekapeka excels with its balanced flight path and dependable fade. This disc is your key to mastering a variety of fairway scenarios with confidence.

2. Huia: The Huia fairway driver is the epitome of stability and control. With a consistent fade and reliable finish, it excels in controlled drives and accurate approaches. The Huia's design ensures that it holds its line, making it an essential tool for players who prioritize accuracy and control on the fairway. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Huia delivers the stability needed for confident fairway shots.

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