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Welcome to the RPM Putters collection at Discount Disc Golf! Explore RPM's signature putters, Takapu and Ruru, made to make your game even better.

1. Takapu: The Takapu by RPM Discs is engineered for accuracy and consistency. Its streamlined design and balanced weight distribution ensure a smooth and controlled putting stroke. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Takapu provides the confidence you need to nail those crucial putts. Experience the reliability and precision that make Takapu an essential tool in your disc golf arsenal.

2. Ruru: The Ruru is a game-changer with its versatile flight characteristics. This disc offers a unique blend of stability and glide, making it suitable for a variety of putting styles. The Ruru's comfortable grip and dependable performance make it a favorite among players looking for reliability in their short game. Elevate your putting experience with the Ruru and watch your scores improve on the green.

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