RPM Midrange

Check out the RPM Midranges collection at Discount Disc Golf and get to know each disc. The Kea is great for different shots, Piwakawaka is smooth and precise, and Kotuku is stable and accurate. These discs are made with care to suit all disc golfers, giving you accuracy and control to step up your midrange game.

1. Kea: The Kea midrange disc is crafted for versatility and dependability. With a balanced flight path and moderate fade, it's an excellent choice for controlled midrange shots. The Kea's design allows players to navigate the fairway with precision, making it an indispensable addition to your disc golf toolkit.

2. Piwakawaka: The Piwakawaka midrange disc brings agility and finesse to your game. Its understable flight path and reliable turn make it ideal for players seeking controlled turnovers and precise anhyzer shots. The Piwakawaka's unique design enhances your ability to shape shots with ease, providing a dynamic option for various midrange scenarios.

3. Kotuku: The Kotuku midrange by RPM Discs is a beacon of stability and accuracy. With a predictable fade and a reliable finish, it excels in controlled approaches and midrange drives. The Kotuku's design ensures that it holds its line with confidence, making it an invaluable tool for players who prioritize accuracy in their midrange game.

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