Yikun Fairway Drivers

Yikun Fairway Drivers are affordable and easy to throw. Get your best throws with Yikun Discs

  • BI: The BI is known for its reliable stability and excellent control, making it a go-to choice for consistent fairway drives.
  • Fu: The Fu stands out with its exceptional glide and straight flight, ideal for players seeking accuracy in their fairway shots.
  • Gou: Perfect for those seeking a dependable understable driver, the Gou offers a smooth turn and predictable fade.
  • Hu: The Hu excels in windy conditions, boasting impressive overstable characteristics for accurate throws.
  • Jiao: Renowned for its balanced flight and moderate speed, the Jiao is a versatile driver suitable for a range of skill levels.
  • Jin Wo: The Jin Wo is a favorite among players for its high-speed turn and minimal fade, providing long, sweeping drives.
  • View: Offering a unique blend of speed and stability, the View is perfect for players aiming for precision and distance.
  • Zhu: The Zhu is a standout in the Yikun line for its ability to float in water, ensuring confidence and safety on water hazard courses.

Discover the ideal Yikun Fairway Driver for your style and skill level at the lowest prices.

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