Infinite Discs Distance Drivers

Explore the Infinite Discs Distance Drivers Collection at Discount Disc Golf, where each disc, from Pharaoh to Aztec, is an attestation to power, and the perfect drive at discounted prices. Improve your disc golf experience with these exceptional distance drivers, built to meet the demands of both casual and competitive players. Shop now!

1. Pharaoh: The Pharaoh, inspired by the regal rulers of ancient Egypt, promises powerful and controlled flights. Made for maximum distance, the Pharaoh reigns supreme as a go-to driver for players seeking majestic throws and consistent performance.

2. Dynasty: True to its name, this disc establishes a legacy of controlled speed and reliable stability, making it an essential choice for players aiming to conquer the fairways with precision.

3. Slab: The Slab, with its sturdy and reliable design, is your go-to choice for dependable overstable flights. Designed for consistency and control, the Slab offers players the confidence to tackle challenging course elements with ease.

4. Maya: The Maya by Infinite Discs takes inspiration from ancient civilizations, providing players with a disc that effortlessly combines speed and finesse. Developed for versatility, the Maya is your ticket to mastering various shot types and conquering the disc golf course.

5. Emperor: The Emperor rules the fairways with its well-balanced flight characteristics. Built for control and distance, this disc allows players to command their throws with precision, making it an invaluable asset for any disc golf enthusiast.

6. Czar: The Czar offers players a disc golf monarchy of stability and reliability. Crafted for consistency, the Czar is an excellent choice for controlled shots and dependable flights, ensuring your disc golf game maintains a sovereign edge.

7. Aztec: Inspired by the ancient Aztec civilization, the Aztec driver is a versatile disc designed for a combination of speed and accuracy. Crafted to navigate diverse course terrains, the Aztec is your companion for confident and controlled long-range throws.

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