Infinite Discs Midrange

Introducing the Discount Disc Golf's Infinite Discs Midranges collection! This dynamic duo by Infinite Discs, featuring Ra and Chariot, promises a seamless blend of accuracy and adaptability, catering to players seeking control and finesse in their midrange game.

1. Ra: Ra is a midrange disc in the Infinite Discs collection, named after the ancient Egyptian sun god. This disc is designed to bring precision and control to midrange throws on the disc golf course. Crafted for accuracy and reliability, Ra is a go-to disc for navigating midrange distances with confidence, making it an essential tool for players seeking consistency in their game.

2. Chariot: Chariot is another midrange disc offered by Infinite Discs, embodying stability and control. Named after the ancient war chariots, this disc is engineered to conquer midrange distances with a perfect balance of speed and accuracy. The Chariot's flight path serves as a strategic battlefield for players, providing the confidence to navigate obstacles and achieve victory in the disc golf game. With dependable performance and a comfortable feel, Chariot stands as a reliable companion for players seeking mastery in their midrange throws.

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