Infinite Discs Fairway Drivers

Discount Disc Golf brings you the Infinite Discs Fairway Drivers Collection, where each disc, from Sphinx to Centurion, is a testament to precision, power, and the perfect fairway throw. Improve your game with these exceptional fairway drivers, made to meet the demands of disc golf enthusiasts at discounted prices.

1. Sphinx: The Sphinx by Infinite Discs, a stellar fairway driver, takes its name from the mythical creature, symbolizing agility and finesse. Built for controlled flights, the Sphinx offers players a reliable tool to navigate fairways with grace, making it an essential addition to your disc golf arsenal.

2. Scepter: This disc commands authority with its stability and controlled speed. Whether you're shaping lines or seeking dependable accuracy, the Scepter is your trusted companion for conquering fairways with a touch of majesty.

3. Exodus: The Exodus fairway driver invites players on a disc golf journey marked by controlled distance and versatility. Like its name suggests, the Exodus is a departure from the ordinary, offering a reliable option for players looking to escape obstacles and navigate fairways with confidence.

4. Centurion: This disc delivers controlled strength and consistent flights, making it an ideal choice for players seeking reliable performance and strategic dominance on the fairways.

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