Infinite Discs Putters

Introducing the Discount Disc Golf's Infinite Discs Putters collection – a lineup that combines artistry and performance to reshape your disc golf experience. Explore the unique characteristics of each putter by Infinite Discs in this exceptional assortment:

1. Tomb: Tomb is a putter crafted for precision and accuracy on the disc golf green. Its design pays homage to control, ensuring players can confidently navigate the challenges of short-range shots with finesse.

2. Raze: Raze is a putter that elevates your short game with a perfect blend of control and comfort. Its design is geared towards minimizing strokes, offering disc golfers a reliable tool for precise putting.

3. Cohort: Cohort is a putter that assembles a perfect synergy of reliability and ease of use. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, Cohort promises consistent performance and a comfortable feel in your hand.

4. Anubis: Anubis is a putter that channels the ancient Egyptian spirit of precision. Crafted for accuracy on the greens, it allows players to putt with confidence and control, ensuring a smooth and effective short game.

5. Alpaca: Alpaca is a putter designed to be your disc golf companion, offering a reliable and forgiving option for short-range shots. With its unique features, Alpaca delivers consistent performance, making it a go-to putter for players of all skill levels.

The Discount Disc Golf's Infinite Discs Putters collection is not just a set of discs; it's a carefully curated selection that brings together craftsmanship and functionality, providing disc golfers with the tools they need to conquer the greens with precision. 

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