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Explore the Viking Discs Distance Drivers collection today! Discover the distinctive qualities of the exceptional distance drivers – Valhalla, Thunder God Thor, Ragnarok, Odin, Fenrir, and Berserker – all available at Discount Disc Golf, guaranteed to be at the lowest prices.

1. Valhalla: The Viking Discs Valhalla is your ticket to disc golf glory. With a sleek design and dynamic flight, it's built for maximum distance. Whether you're a pro seeking power or a beginner working on your throws, the Valhalla offers a reliable and consistent flight path. Affordability meets performance, making it the perfect choice for those looking to dominate the fairways without breaking the bank.

2. Thunder God Thor: Meet the Thunder God Thor, a driver that lives up to its mighty name. Engineered for speed and control, it's like wielding the power of a thunderstorm in your throws. The Thunder God Thor's flight path ensures a blend of distance and accuracy, making it an excellent choice for players aiming to conquer the course. This powerful driver comes at an unbeatable price, allowing disc golfers of all levels to add a touch of thunder to their game.

3. Ragnarok: The Viking Discs Ragnarok is your disc golf apocalypse – in a good way! Crafted for stability and reliability, it's your go-to choice for controlled drives. Whether you're facing tight fairways or open spaces, the Ragnarok ensures a consistent and predictable flight. This driver is not just about performance; it brings the end of expensive disc options, providing top-tier quality at the lowest prices.

4. Odin: The Odin by Viking Discs is a disc golf deity, offering a perfect balance of speed and stability. Designed for precision and power, it's your guide to mastering long-distance throws with accuracy. The Odin's flight path ensures controlled fades and dependable finishes, making it an ideal choice for players looking to up their game without a hefty price tag.

5. Fenrir: Unleash the Fenrir, named after the mythical Norse wolf. This disc embodies speed and ferocity, making it perfect for players who crave powerful and unpredictable flights. With its unique flight characteristics, the Fenrir adds a touch of wildness to your throws, all while keeping affordability at the forefront.

6. Berserker: The Viking Discs Berserker is not for the faint-hearted. Like its namesake, it's all about unbridled power. With a reliable fade and impressive speed, the Berserker is for players who want to conquer the course with sheer force. This driver doesn't compromise on quality or affordability, making it a favorite among those seeking a potent disc for their arsenal.

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