Viking Discs Midrange

Explore and shop now for Viking Discs midrange discs – Axe, Warrior, and Loki – at Discount Disc Golf. Get top-notch quality at the lowest prices, enhancing your disc golf experience. Elevate your game with these high-quality discs that bring affordability without sacrificing performance.

1. Axe: The Viking Discs Axe midrange disc is like your trustworthy guide through the fairways. Crafted with precision, the Axe offers a straight and controlled flight, making it an excellent choice for midrange shots. Whether you're navigating tight fairways or aiming for the basket, the Axe's reliability and accuracy shine through. This midrange disc is not just about performance; it's an affordable option that allows players to elevate their game without stretching their budget.

2. Warrior: Meet the Viking Discs Warrior midrange disc – a true warrior on the course. Designed for consistent and reliable flights, the Warrior provides stability and control in every throw. Perfect for controlled approaches and midrange drives, this disc is a valuable addition to any player's toolkit. Viking Discs ensures that the Warrior doesn't just deliver on performance but also on affordability, making it an accessible choice for disc golfers at all skill levels.

3. Loki: The Viking Discs Loki midrange disc brings a touch of finesse to your game. With an understable flight path and reliable turn, the Loki is the trickster you need for shaping shots with ease. Whether you're a beginner experimenting with flight or a seasoned player seeking versatility, the Loki provides an affordable solution for enhancing your midrange game.

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