Viking Discs Putters

Explore the Discount Disc Golf's Viking Discs Putters collection and discover budget-friendly options like the Rune 10 Disc Putter Pack, Rune putter, and Knife putter. Shop now for quality discs at the lowest prices, and elevate your putting game without breaking the bank!

1. Rune 10 Disc Putter Pack: Imagine getting not just one, but ten Rune putters all in one pack – that's the Rune 10 Disc Putter Pack for you. It's like a treasure trove for disc golfers. Each Rune in the pack is designed for smooth putting and accuracy on the green. Whether you're practicing or playing with friends, this pack is your cost-effective ticket to improving your putting skills without breaking the bank.

2. Rune: The Viking Discs Rune putter is your ticket to precision on the putting green. It's easy to handle, giving you control over your short game. This disc has a comfortable grip and a simple flight pattern, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike. With the Rune, you get reliability and accuracy in a budget-friendly package.

3. Knife: Meet the Knife – a budget-friendly disc with a sharp focus on accuracy. This putter is like a well-crafted tool, giving you the control you need for short-range shots. It's stable and reliable, making it a great addition to your disc golf gear. The Knife is designed for players who want quality performance without a hefty price tag.

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