Viking Discs Fairway Drivers

Welcome to the Viking Discs Fairway Drivers collection! Check out our offerings – the Barbarian and Cosmos – at Discount Disc Golf, guaranteed to be at the lowest prices.

1. Barbarian: The Viking Discs Barbarian fairway driver is a powerhouse on the course. With a sleek design and reliable stability, it's your go-to choice for long, controlled drives. The Barbarian's flight path allows for precise navigation through fairways, making it a versatile companion for both seasoned players and those looking to level up their game. Affordable and powerful, the Barbarian ensures you get top-notch performance without breaking the bank.

2. Cosmos: Meet the Viking Discs Cosmos fairway driver – a true marvel in flight. Designed for optimal distance and accuracy, the Cosmos is your ticket to navigating the fairways with finesse. Its balanced flight path and dependable finish make it suitable for a range of players, offering reliability at an affordable price. Elevate your disc golf game without compromising on quality with the Cosmos fairway driver.

Shop now at Discount Disc Golf and experience the Barbarian and Cosmos fairway drivers by Viking Discs, where top-notch quality meets the guarantee of the lowest prices.

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